S2E11: You *Can* Get Cappucinos In The North

Blackpool time comes around again and we begin by deconstructing the iconography and symbolism of Northernness as displayed in Strictly.

– Which podcast team member hasn’t actually seen Strictly Ballroom?
– 90s memories flood back with Debbie’s alleged samba
– Deep confusion about Davood’s Paso
– An in-depth discussion of acid house fashion
– A highly recommended google image search string

With Ellie, Ann, Emily and Lisa

S2E10: One Lift Short of An American Smooth

After Strictly finally take Mum’s advice and ditch the theming and comedy VTs, the Keep Dancing Pod team have gone mad with power. We swoon over Susan’s emotional connection with the public, decide which dance is which Sweet Valley High character, ask which pro should retire first, liken ballroom dancing to manned spaceflight and coin the phrase: ‘Debbie, but with real pigeons’. Also, we are introduced to the concept of ‘Chip Spice’.

Yes, this is the point in the series where we begin to get peculiar.

Ellie is joined by Lisa, Anne and special guest Meg.

S2E8: The Night Is Dark & Full Of Medium Sized Dragons

We lost some of the podcast during recording, and then found some of it during editing. So Ellie frankensteined the two files into a single show and now we’re here for the hoopla. Apologies if there are any logical inconsistencies, spooky time travel interludes or unexplained half jokes. Or more than usual anyway. Ellie is joined by Lisa and Jon to lurk in the shadows and discuss Halloween week.

Tonight’s burning questions:

  • Does Anton du Beke have a pair of jeans?
  • Are the Reithian values are disgust, delight and defame?
  • Some people don’t like music, which makes it hard for them to dance
  • Has Ellie discovered the human facial expression ‘smiling’
  • The medium sized dragon is back. Why is it emblematic of everything Strictly stands for
  • Do they play Kylie at the Polo?
  • Why isn’t Alexandra Burke a global megastar yet?
  • If Blondes have more fun, why do only Brunettes do the Charleston?
  • What does Smells Like Teen Spirit mean for the Strictly Christmas Special?

S2 E7: I Like Big Props And I Cannot Lie

Strictly is working its way through the stragglers, like raptors in Jurassic park. In this week of random theming and random Bruno disappearances, we struggle with AJ’s dock, adore Jonnie and Oti’s supermarket sweep and come up with a new and exciting theme week that involves a Charleston to the theme to One Foot In The Grave. Ellie, Lisa, Ann and Richard also go on a lengthy digression about steampunk. Visit www.keepdancingpodcast.com for news and back episodes.