S5E3 – Really Expensive Upholstery

Ellie is joined by AJ, Emily and Elliot to talk about the second competitive week of Strictly. 

  • Max Wanted can finally be his own, wholesome man
  • Elliot reacts live to the potential horrors of Movie Week
  • James Clerk Maxwell, the musical? 
  • Sleeves and collars in ballroom wear: a conspiracy theory
  • A little bit of the theory of pedagogy as it relates to Anton’s partners
  • Complete meltdown over a very special outfit

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S5E2 – Technical Difficulties

Ellie is joined (even more remotely than usual) by AJ, Emily, Elliot and Meg to talk about the first competitive week of Strictly.

We’ve had a bit of an epic technical fail so the format is a bit less interactive, but we’re still here to get judgey about the judging, praise our faves, declare our inexplicable grudges and work out who wore the Frock of the Week.

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S5E1: Communicating Joy

Ellie is joined by Anne, AJ, Emily, Elliott and Meg to cast their eye over our twelve brand pairs competing for the sanitised, socially-distant 2020 glitterball. Our predictions are historically entertainingly wrong, but we’re making them anyway.

Also in this show:
– Hug Curtains, how and why?
– Has Men Behaving Badly aged well? No.
– Please yeet responsibly
– Who’s sharing a box of white toner?
– A big NO to men with two first names
– What does Dave Arch’s Orchestral Filter look like?

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KDP S5E0: Tripping Over The Glittery Biscuit

Yes! We’re back for a 5th series. We… forgot about the website last year but here it is again I guess.

It’s the Keep Dancing Podcast preview of the 2020 series of Strictly Come Dancing. Ellie is joined by the full pod roster of Ann, Elliot, Milly, Meg and Vikki and we have a lot of questions, including:
– How does perfect pitch help you find the groove?
– Has Max been to America?
– Who is now as relevant as a tamagotchi?
– Who should dance with our fave, Nicola Adams?
– How have Strictlies around the world been dealing with the ‘rona?


KDP S3E13 – Dignity and a Nice Frock

Another batch of contextualised grousing from the podcast gang. Ellie is joined by Elliot, Emily and Meg to chew over the semi-final results. Also featuring:

  • KDP Investigates: Stacey Dooley’s hobbies
  • Alternating between different pronunciations of Argentine tango
  • An absolutely astonishing google search
  • The concept of 3 out of 4 couples lining up for the final in full body paint
  • Should Couple’s Choice be allowed in the Final?
  • https://genekellysbutt.tumblr.com/
  • If you like funny women writing about make-up, you’ll enjoy thetrowel.co.uk