S3E6 – Twelve Lifts and an Air Grab

With the scoring set to ‘RANDOM’ and the Couple’s Choice adding an extra level of confusing subjectivity to the proceedings, we find ourselves bereft as Vick falls foul of Shirley’s Serious Glasses of Doom.

Also in this episode:

 There are now spies in Graeme’s house

  • Is being weird and yelling JUICY NUGGETS a character? Yes, apparently
  • How much camp? Keep spooning it on. Keep going. Line up the dump truck
  • Somewhat sexy dance studio games to sort out your posture and reduce gapping
  • Shirley Ballas’ rotisserie chicken
  • Plus a very special Frock(s) of the Week (we chose two because they didn’t have a lot of fabric individually)

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S3E5 – Totally Wholesome Family Show


It’s an absolutely normal week for our favourite reality dance show! Do not think about The Event!

In this weekend’s episode:

  • The first rumba of the series leads us to ask ‘What’s the worst possible song for a rumba?’
  • A potpourri of laundrette anecdotes in lieu of a review of Charles’ disco salsa
  • We’re replacing 10 More Minutes of Bum Chat with 20 Minutes of Hubris
  • Real talk advice on what not to wear on the moon
  • How do you achieve narrative? What is the actual definition of ‘going the full pineapple’?
  • Plus another smashing Frock of the Week!

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S3E3 – Anton Du Not Come Beke

The combination of a weird atmosphere on the show, a few puzzling dances and a dawning realisation that Joe is probably unstoppable made Week 2 a bit… odd. Are we seeing the first signs of a seismic shift in Strictly voting patterns? For the first time ever, the Antonettes desert their hero at the first hurdle. What does it all mean?

In this episode:
– Is maroon a legit colour for a latin frock?
– Kate Silverton has always been sexy: discuss
– Which of the female pros would we like to go out on the wine with?
– Why Seann is probably the most psychologically prepared Strictly celeb this year.
– And as always why not Neil?

Series 3 Warm Up: When Ellie Met Oti

Hello! It’s the middle of the summer but the dancing never stops. Ellie went to give Oti’s new dance class Shake It a try. We gave everything a good shake for 2 glorious hours, then sat down for a bit of a chat about the joy of teaching, the Strictly year and the importance of a good bra.

Oti’s classes are on Eventbrite


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