KDP S3E11 – The Pool Table Was Inside You All Along

The post Blackpool lull descends into chaos with a lumpy, partial score reset, troubling hair and the regulation shock dance off. Elliot, Emily, Vikki and Anne join Ellie to pick the delicious dance cherries out of the messy trifle.

Also in this episode:

  • LED colour selection chat
  • Huge appreciation for the props folks
  • Strident demands for male rumbas instead of messing about on the couple’s choice
  • But nobody needs to see anyone doing a rumba to Climb Every Mountain
  • The big problem with artificial intelligence

KDP S3E10 – An Erotic Chicken Dance In A Winnebago

We’ve got through another Blackpool week and all the plot elements are starting to slot into place, as is Craig’s 10 paddle. We’ve also definitely had our wow moment. Finally.

  • How tickled were our Eurovision glands?
  • We realise that AJ has a huge online fandom and that we probably ought never to tangle with them
  • An extended extemporisation on the subject of Channing Tatum dancing in a sailor suit
  • Johannes is the hardest working man on Strictly and needs a celeb next year
  • Blackpool is arguably the best week to get knocked out of the competition
  • Can you twerk in a jive?

KDP S3E9 – Waiting For The Wow Moment


Everyone wants to go to Blackpool! This series of Strictly continues to be absolutely all over the place. Nothing is certain, everything is topsy-turvy. The only thing that remains constant and reliable is that we’re annoyed by people dancing in inappropriate shoes.

This episode also includes:

  • A real talk serious moment about tabloid racism and diva stereotypes
  • We reveal the statistically deadliest dance!
  • Advice for a first time visitor to Blackpool (sorta)
  • Advice on the deployment of The Sprinkler
  • We want to see your heart and guts. In a good way.
  • How late can you have an off-week and still win Strictly?
  • Nobody wants to see you squat on the telly
  • Mystic Elliot makes a series of predictions

KDP S3E8 – The Converse Curse Gets Worse

We thought we’d seen the last of them, but they won’t go away. Inappropriate footwear is haunting the Strictly Ballroom!

This episode also contains:

  • A conspiracy theory about Avril Lavigne?
  • All unnecessary props are now ‘of Doom’. Gazebo of Doom, Cube of Doom, Cafe table of Doom
  • A request to leak the Dress Run footage of Danny’s Quickstep.
  • Is there too much faffing about? Is there such a thing as GOOD faffing about?
  • The financial implications of Charles Venn abandoning his pint



S3E7- This Hollow Charade

The podcast gang review the Halloween episode of our favourite musical soap opera with some nice frocks in it. Be very afraid.
This episode also contains:
– A canon-compatible Doctor Who combat tango!
– The podcasters who don’t have children find out about The Poo Song.
– We are pledging to join in with #shakeitwithshirley because she is the Content Queen
– Multiple interludes of despondent rage
– We compare the size of our tiny, tiny violins
– Can you be sarky on Strictly?
– Shoutouts to UltimateStrictly.com and @thestrictlygraph