S3E5 – Totally Wholesome Family Show


It’s an absolutely normal week for our favourite reality dance show! Do not think about The Event!

In this weekend’s episode:

  • The first rumba of the series leads us to ask ‘What’s the worst possible song for a rumba?’
  • A potpourri of laundrette anecdotes in lieu of a review of Charles’ disco salsa
  • We’re replacing 10 More Minutes of Bum Chat with 20 Minutes of Hubris
  • Real talk advice on what not to wear on the moon
  • How do you achieve narrative? What is the actual definition of ‘going the full pineapple’?
  • Plus another smashing Frock of the Week!

Email us any questions at keepdancingpodcast@gmail.com and follow us on twitter at @keepdancingpod


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