KDP S3E9 – Waiting For The Wow Moment


Everyone wants to go to Blackpool! This series of Strictly continues to be absolutely all over the place. Nothing is certain, everything is topsy-turvy. The only thing that remains constant and reliable is that we’re annoyed by people dancing in inappropriate shoes.

This episode also includes:

  • A real talk serious moment about tabloid racism and diva stereotypes
  • We reveal the statistically deadliest dance!
  • Advice for a first time visitor to Blackpool (sorta)
  • Advice on the deployment of The Sprinkler
  • We want to see your heart and guts. In a good way.
  • How late can you have an off-week and still win Strictly?
  • Nobody wants to see you squat on the telly
  • Mystic Elliot makes a series of predictions

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