KDP S5E0: Tripping Over The Glittery Biscuit

Yes! We’re back for a 5th series. We… forgot about the website last year but here it is again I guess.

It’s the Keep Dancing Podcast preview of the 2020 series of Strictly Come Dancing. Ellie is joined by the full pod roster of Ann, Elliot, Milly, Meg and Vikki and we have a lot of questions, including:
– How does perfect pitch help you find the groove?
– Has Max been to America?
– Who is now as relevant as a tamagotchi?
– Who should dance with our fave, Nicola Adams?
– How have Strictlies around the world been dealing with the ‘rona?


S3E4 – A Stumble Away From Perfection

PLEASE NOTE: This episode was recorded on Sunday evening just after the Results Show, and completed just after Rebecca Humphries released her statement on Monday evening. We haven’t addressed anything in this episode, because the only information available at time of recording was either gossip or in a paper we’re boycotting.

We’ve upgraded our recording setup, and now suddenly you can hear everything. Including Elliot’s office chair. Sorry about that.

In this week’s episode, we look at the magical whirl of confusing scoring, prop abuse and overtheming that constitutes Strictly’s Hottest Mess of a Theme Week.

Also featuring:

  • The single most damning review of a dance in the history of Keep Dancing Pod
  • We sort the pro dancers into Hogwarts houses
  • A new winner of Frock of the Week!

We also shout out our local cinemas: Emily’s Parkway Cinema in Barnsley, Meg’s Connaught in Worthing and Ellie’s GFT and Grosvenor in Glasgow.

Josephine Baker dances the Charleston 

Stuff You Missed In History Class on PT Barnum 

KDP S3E2 – Strictly No Faffing

No mess, no fuss, just fifteen dances and a whole new fresh series of Strictly stretching out ahead of us. It’s all downhill to Christmas from here. Polish the mirrorball and get your spray tan on. It’s time.

In this episode:
– We’re angry with Anton, but not all that surprised
– Graeme Swann’s surprising pants
– Someone needs to explain The Internet to the grownups
– Who’s got the biggest voting demographic? And how can they be stopped?