Series 3 Warm Up: When Ellie Met Oti

Hello! It’s the middle of the summer but the dancing never stops. Ellie went to give Oti’s new dance class Shake It a try. We gave everything a good shake for 2 glorious hours, then sat down for a bit of a chat about the joy of teaching, the Strictly year and the importance of a good bra.

Oti’s classes are on Eventbrite

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S2E13: Fifty Shades of Wrong

It’s the shortest show of the Strictly year and we’re off to the musicals, darling. We’re also very cross about the animosity towards two of our leading ladies in various dark corners of the internet, so buckle in.

Also covered:

  • Mollie King’s playlist for her crush 
  • The difference between a sticky wicket and a shoogly peg
  • For some reason we bring up the mild childhood trauma that is Philip Schofield as Joseph
  • Christine in Phantom never getting her gusset out
  • We imagine the horror of a 50 Shades Musical
  • The weirdest training VT ever

S2E8: The Night Is Dark & Full Of Medium Sized Dragons

We lost some of the podcast during recording, and then found some of it during editing. So Ellie frankensteined the two files into a single show and now we’re here for the hoopla. Apologies if there are any logical inconsistencies, spooky time travel interludes or unexplained half jokes. Or more than usual anyway. Ellie is joined by Lisa and Jon to lurk in the shadows and discuss Halloween week.

Tonight’s burning questions:

  • Does Anton du Beke have a pair of jeans?
  • Are the Reithian values are disgust, delight and defame?
  • Some people don’t like music, which makes it hard for them to dance
  • Has Ellie discovered the human facial expression ‘smiling’
  • The medium sized dragon is back. Why is it emblematic of everything Strictly stands for
  • Do they play Kylie at the Polo?
  • Why isn’t Alexandra Burke a global megastar yet?
  • If Blondes have more fun, why do only Brunettes do the Charleston?
  • What does Smells Like Teen Spirit mean for the Strictly Christmas Special?